Harry Potter Family Night Class Ideas

Here are some examples and explanations of what classes the Family Night committee had in mind that might be hosted in classrooms. Some require more teacher involvement than others. Please sign up here, but see details below. Feel free to make up your own Harry Potter activity- these are just ideas we had in mind to help ease the burden of planning.

Required Activities– Wand Shop & Book Giveaway

**We anticipate these activities will be the most popular and need two rooms, thus fulfilling an entire grade’s obligation for the night**

Sample wands and charms book

Ollivanders Wand Shop: Help students select wands and handout Charms booklet. Must mark their map so that they do not get multiple wands. PTA will supply all materials (600 pre-made wands and Charms booklets). Teachers will supply some writing materials in case students would like to fill out their charms booklets in the classroom. We anticipate needing TWO CLASSROOMS for this, so fulfills the requirements by one entire grade.

Flourish & Blotts Book Shop: Help students pick out their free book from the PTA. Help set up books into their appropriate categories before family night begins. Must mark their map so that they only receive one free book for the night. PTA will supply all books. We anticipate needing TWO CLASSROOMS for this, so fulfills the requirements by one entire grade.

Optional Activity Ideas

Here are some ideas we came up with that might be fun/easy to host if you are interested. If you need to purchase materials for an activity, we can reimburse up to allotted amounts for each activity. Each activity would be hosted in 1 room, so each grade would need to sign up for two of these activities.

Wizard Chess: Monitor chess games and be familiar with basic chess rules. Help set up PTA chess sets. No additional material will be needed.

Fortune Tellers (Divination Class): Help students fold fortune tellers. PTA has template on the right to print. Or there are lots on the internet like this one here or this one here if you prefer a different version.

Origami or Craft Owls (Eeylops Owl Emporium): Help students make their own owls in whatever way you see fit. There is an origami owl printable tutorial here so you could have printed instructions around the room. Depending on how you’d like to craft, you may purchase materials and be reimbursed up to $50.

Monster Book of Monsters or Make Your Own Monster: Make some version of the monster book of monsters or some kind of “make a monster” craft or drawing activity. There are tutorials and ideas on the internet or you can come up with your own ideas. Depending on how you’d like to craft, you may purchase materials and be reimbursed up to $100. Choose 1 or 2 classrooms depending on depth of your craft.

Patronus Bookmark (Defense Against The Dark Arts Class): Have students draw their patronum. Maybe use cardstock and watercolor pencils or have animal how to draw tutorials out. If you need additional materials you may be reimbursed up to $50.

Code Breaking (Arithmancy Class or Study of Ancient Runes): Make some kind of code and/or math equations for the students to do. PTA can provide you a free printable from Teach Beside Me blog that has some decodable phrases with the following code printable or you can make/find your own.

bag craft example

Lunch Bag Craft: Some type of paper bag craft so students have a bag to carry all of their goodies in that they will be collecting for the night. One idea for coloring them is shown. PTA can buy the paper bags or reimburse you for them.

Potions Class: Some type of potions activity- whatever you can think of or are okay with hosting in your classroom. They do sell these tiny little craft bottles on Amazon that could be filled with non messy ingredients to create a “potion”. This activity’s reimbursement is negotiable based on what you are planning. Please contact PTA with your expected expenses before purchasing. Choose 1 or 2 classrooms depending on how much space you will need.

Harry Potter Coloring Pages: Something accessible for our youngest witches and wizards. Can find online and print.

Mythical Creatures Card Game: PTA has a printable for this and can send it to be printed/laminated.

Mandrake example

House Bracelets: Craft to make house colored bracelets with pony beads.

Mandrake Planting: Small cups and play dough. Reimbursed up to $50.

Harry Potter Trivia or matching games: There are some nice printables here that could be used. Matching games, word searches, or scrambles.

Penmanship/Quill Writing: Practice penmanship pages with “quills”, ink, and parchment. Materials may be reimbursed up to $50.

Make your own class: Come up with something magical all on your own! Let us know what to call it. PTA will reimburse up to $50.

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