What is Peruvian Park PTA?

In short, Peruvian Park PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a non-profit business run by volunteers with the intention of supporting the students and staff at our school. We do this through a series of programs, grants for teachers, field trip funding, and more.

I am a working parent. Can I still be involved in the PTA?

Absolutely! Many of our most dedicated PTA members hold one or more jobs or even own their own business! There are several ways to be involved with the PTA:

  • Volunteer! You don’t need to be a PTA Member to volunteer for our programs, and many of the programs are held before or after school so that you can help out at a time that works best for you! There will also be opportunities where the volunteer work can be done from home. Check our volunteer page throughout the year to look for a volunteer time that works for you.
  • Become a member or Donate! Even if you never volunteer or attend a meeting, your membership dues and/or donation will help us provide wonderful programs to our students. See below how your dues support children throughout the country, look for our annual fundraiser in November, or find simple ways to support the school through Amazon Smile, Smiths, Maceys, Box Tops, and more.

Where do my PTA dues go?

By joining PTA you are joining a national organization and your dues will be split between the local unit (Peruvian Park), State, and National PTA programs. Please see this document to understand how your state and national dues are making a difference in the lives of children. The remainder of your funds stay with Peruvian Park and supplement our annual budget.

How do I give input if I can’t attend any daytime meetings or events?

We understand daytime meetings are not accessible to everyone. However, our monthly meetings are held during the day to best accommodate our staff members that need to be in attendance. General membership meetings are held throughout the year in connection with a school event to make them more accessible and will hold our most important decisions such as budget and elections. You may check our calendar to see what agenda items/programs are being discussed and send your input via our contact form.

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