2020-21 Peruvian Park Chess Club

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Chess Club will not be held for the 2020-21 school year.

Chess Club Rules:

  • Shake hands before you start and after you finish.
  • Raise your hand if you have questions during play. Do not argue with your opponent.
  • Be gentle with the equipment.
  • When time’s up, return all pieces to their bag, then place bag on your board. Head to your outside classroom lines to enter school.
  • Have FUN!

Additional Rules for Tournament Team

  • Raise your hand when you finish your game so results can be collected.
  • If you have not finished the game when time is up, stop playing. Count the points on the board: Pawn=1, Knight=3, Bishop=3, Rook=5, Queen=9. Raise your hand so results can be collected.

Interested in Tournaments?

The Utah Chess Association puts on several tournaments throughout the year, check out their calendar of Scholastic tournaments and events.

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