Volunteers Needed

If you have been waiting for opportunities to help at school this year, now is your chance! Check out the options available below.

Parent Teacher Conference Dinner

The PTA is providing dinner for teachers during parent-teacher conferences Wednesday, February 24th.  We are looking for volunteers to provide individual drinks and Individually wrapped desserts to go with their meals.  


Bus Stop Monitors

Looking for volunteers to monitor the bus stops for out of boundary students the first week at Crescent.  Bus monitor will be needed to insure no students are drop off after the bus has left for Crescent.  And to monitor that no student is not picked up after they are returned to bus stops


Move/Set-up Crescent

PTA will be packing up the PTA’s supplies, scholastic books, trophy cases, and bulletin boards to move to the Crescent building. We will also be helping set up the new building to be ready for students.