Book Fair & Goodies and Grownups This Week!

Goodies and Grownups: Wednesday September 26th 7:30-8:00 AM. A chance to eat with your student and then hop next door to shop at the Book Fair. Breakfast items served will be donuts, bananas, juice, and milk.

Book Fair: Book fair will be available Wednesday before school, during lunches, and in the evening during conferences as well as Thursday from 11:30am-8pm. Volunteer to help us with this event here. 55% of the sales proceeds go to free books that are used in our classrooms, library, and given away at family night. This link will let you check out the new digital payment option called Book Fair eWallet.

Important announcement regarding book fair sales tax: State law has changed, and we are now legally required to charge sales tax at our book fairs. Please send your child with the appropriate amount of money to accommodate this new law.